Record-breaking Floods Spread through Pakistan

Sep 7, 2022

Pakistan is currently facing one of the worst floods the country has seen in a decade. A deadly mix of heavy rain and monsoon winds has brought record-breaking conditions across the country, devastating around 2 million homes, 22,000 schools, and countless roads and bridges. The floodwater has also unfortunately claimed more than 1,160 lives since June. 

An estimated 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected by the floods, with one-third of the country now underwater. Access to food and other necessities has also been severely impacted. Many fear that the floods will exacerbate food insecurity, malnutrition, and disease as rainfall and floods has impacted more than 9.4 million acres of land and crop area.

In response to this significant need for the basics, The Salvation Army has provided urgently needed food such as rice, lentils, flour, sugar, and oil in many affected communities across the country. In the Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces alone, more than 1,650 families received donations of food, hygiene products, and other non-food items. 

As the situation continues to develop, regional Salvation Army leadership plan for continued aid in the country. To help the The Salvation Army World Service Office love beyond destruction in Pakistan, please donate at